Amoura Carter – Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Amoura Carter is an English teacher at Garinger High School, and she works hard in order to prepare her students for the future. She enjoys teaching because she believes it’s one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. She recently bought a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she is eager to start decorating the space.

Amoura Carter

Pick the room that speaks to you the most when decorating. Most people try to stick to professional tips and rules when they begin the decorating process, but this is your space, and you can do whatever you want. Start with your favorite room or the room you’ll use the most, and get inspired to make it your own. The kitchen or bedroom are great places to start because that’s where people spend the most time in their homes.

Use a color scheme that makes you and others feel welcome. Painting your new home, if it needs it, should be started early, preferably before you move the heavy furniture into place. You want to pick colors that you won’t get tired of too fast, and that make you feel like your home is welcoming. Colors evoke emotion, and you want your home to be a safe, inviting, and warm place to be.

In addition to picking the right colors, you need arrange the furniture in a way that flows well with the space you have in your new home. Homes have a particular flow to them, which means you need to embrace that design, and arrange the furniture in such a way that enhances that feeling.

Amoura Carter is looking forward to decorating.



Amoura Carter – Three Keys for Managing a Classroom

Amoura Carter had to master managing a classroom as part of her graduate degree in Education from Lesley University. She has put those skills to good use as a language arts teacher based in her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has returned since leaving the area at age six to move to Georgia and eventually gain her education herself. Carter has used these three classroom management tips to keep control of her space in school:

Amoura Carter

Develop non-verbal signals and signs. This challenges kids to pay more attention to you as the teacher and helps the students police themselves at times. Amoura Carter has routinely held her hand up for silence and seen first the students that notice her turn to their peers and urge them to be quiet as well.

Pace the room. Amoura Carter has found in her experience in the classroom that being near children who are misbehaving can have a powerful effect on their behavior. Carter walks around her classroom frequently throughout the day, especially during tests and quizzes.

Elect a leader. There are always children in every classroom who want to do well and please the teacher. Use these students as resources and informal lieutenants to help keep the other students in line.

Amoura Carter has learned many lessons in her time in the classroom. She was a substitute teacher before she moved up to teach language arts for several years and she knows under what circumstances students learn the best. Carter always tries to help other teachers whenever possible.


Amoura Carter – Three Easy DIY Decorating Tips

Amoura Carter moved back to her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina to become a school teacher. After working her way up from a substitute teaching position to an assistant teacher, she was most recently a language arts teacher at Ashley Park K-8 in Charlotte. She recently bought a new home in the area and is working on making it her own. She loves to design her own decoration ideas and spaces within her new home, relying on many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas to create the ideal space for herself. Here are three easy DIY decorating tips:

Amoura Carter

  • Draw on the furniture. For the artists, and even those less talented with a drawing pen, you can make your own custom designs for your furniture by simply using a Sharpie marker and a metal ruler to make your simple lines and designs straight. A perfect way to cheaply add some personal flair, according to Amoura Carter.
  • Add your own architecture. Amoura Carter and other homeowners can add their own infrastructure to a room simply by purchasing trim board at a hardware store and gluing and nailing it into place. Put a matching coat of paint over it and it will look like it’s been there forever.
  • Let the cabinets be free. Sometimes, taking the door off of a cabinet and painting the inside a neutral color can turn an old cabinet into something new. You can also hang small art pieces in the cabinets themselves to add more flair.

Amoura Carter loves to spend time working on the interior decoration of her new home.