Amoura Carter – Three Useful Tips for Managing Your Classroom and Students

Amoura Carter is a talented educator who has been teaching students in a variety of capacities for several years. She even taught students in China the English language. However, managing a classroom can be difficult for any teacher, new or seasoned. Here are some useful tips for managing your students and the classroom.

Amoura Carter

One way to manage the classroom is to establish class rules for the very first day. Your students need to understand who’s in charge, and what will be expected of them as the year progresses. Establish a set of rules and post them in an easily visible position within the room itself. If any student breaks one of these rules, there will be no excuse as they were made apparent from the very beginning.

In addition to establishing a set of rules for the class, you can develop hand signals in order to gain control if things get too unruly. It’s easy for a calm discussion to develop into an argument depending on how people feel about the topic, but you can easily gain control by holding your hand up for silence. Students who notice your signal first will be quick to urge the other students in the class to be quiet as well.

Use pop quizzes daily or weekly that add extra credit to a student’s overall grade. This will encourage every student to listen more intently to the course material in the hopes that they get a better grade as a result of the pop quiz.

Amoura Carter employs a number of tactics in order to control her students and manage her classroom at school.