Amoura Carter – Three Useful Tips for Managing Your Classroom and Students

Amoura Carter is a talented educator who has been teaching students in a variety of capacities for several years. She even taught students in China the English language. However, managing a classroom can be difficult for any teacher, new or seasoned. Here are some useful tips for managing your students and the classroom.

Amoura Carter

One way to manage the classroom is to establish class rules for the very first day. Your students need to understand who’s in charge, and what will be expected of them as the year progresses. Establish a set of rules and post them in an easily visible position within the room itself. If any student breaks one of these rules, there will be no excuse as they were made apparent from the very beginning.

In addition to establishing a set of rules for the class, you can develop hand signals in order to gain control if things get too unruly. It’s easy for a calm discussion to develop into an argument depending on how people feel about the topic, but you can easily gain control by holding your hand up for silence. Students who notice your signal first will be quick to urge the other students in the class to be quiet as well.

Use pop quizzes daily or weekly that add extra credit to a student’s overall grade. This will encourage every student to listen more intently to the course material in the hopes that they get a better grade as a result of the pop quiz.

Amoura Carter employs a number of tactics in order to control her students and manage her classroom at school.


Amoura Carter – Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Amoura Carter is an English teacher at Garinger High School, and she works hard in order to prepare her students for the future. She enjoys teaching because she believes it’s one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. She recently bought a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she is eager to start decorating the space.

Amoura Carter

Pick the room that speaks to you the most when decorating. Most people try to stick to professional tips and rules when they begin the decorating process, but this is your space, and you can do whatever you want. Start with your favorite room or the room you’ll use the most, and get inspired to make it your own. The kitchen or bedroom are great places to start because that’s where people spend the most time in their homes.

Use a color scheme that makes you and others feel welcome. Painting your new home, if it needs it, should be started early, preferably before you move the heavy furniture into place. You want to pick colors that you won’t get tired of too fast, and that make you feel like your home is welcoming. Colors evoke emotion, and you want your home to be a safe, inviting, and warm place to be.

In addition to picking the right colors, you need arrange the furniture in a way that flows well with the space you have in your new home. Homes have a particular flow to them, which means you need to embrace that design, and arrange the furniture in such a way that enhances that feeling.

Amoura Carter is looking forward to decorating.


Amoura Carter – Three Books to Teach High School English Students

Amoura Carter is a current high school English teacher who is eager to start a new year later in August. She teaches at the Garinger High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she is dedicated to preparing her students for the next stages of their educations. Here are three books to teach high school students.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter

To Kill a Mocking Bird. This is a great book to teach your high school students because it allows them to see a time where racism and prejudice were acceptable in normal society. The book describes a racial incident from the perspective of a child whose father is called upon to represent an African American man in court. Despite the mounting evidence, he is found guilty simply because of the color of his skin.

1984. 1984 is a book that should be taught in high school for its chilling description of a society stricken by communism and tyranny. The book focuses on a main character who begins to see the problems with the society he lives in, and his struggle to keep his secrets unknown from the wrong people. Similar to Animal Farm, written by the same author, the book takes a critical look at the contradictory values of communism itself.

The Old Man and the Sea. This is a short, but powerful book that focuses on a fisherman who spends all day at sea without a catch. However, he finally catches the biggest fish of his life, only to have it be eaten by sharks on the way back to shore because he couldn’t fit it in his boat.

Amoura Carter enjoys teaching classics.

Amoura Carter-Tips for Traveling to Australia for the First Time

Amoura Carter is a current teacher who is eager to start a new school year and position as a high school English teacher for Garinger High School. She has been teaching since 2010, but received her Master’s degree in Education in 2013. In addition to teaching, she enjoys traveling the world. Here are some useful tips for those traveling to Australia for the first time.

One of the most appealing parts of Australia are its beaches. However, if you go swimming, make sure you swim between the flags so you don’t run the risk of being pulled out to sea by a riptide. All beaches will have lifeguards on duty during swimming hours, but they may not be able to get to you fast enough if you’re caught in an undercurrent. Make sure you take note of the flags, and always swim between them in order to stay safe.

Bring sun protection for long days outside. Australia is a giant playground for the outdoor enthusiast, but it also has some of the harshest terrain in the world, with a very hot sun. Make sure you have the right protection in order to keep from burning throughout the day. Find sunblock with zinc oxide as a main ingredient in order to avoid harmful carcinogenic chemicals found in most sunscreen brands.

Be wary of poisonous critters. Australia is extremely beautiful, but it also houses some of the most poisonous creatures on the planet. It is known for its number of poisonous spiders that like to hide themselves in places people rarely look. Amoura Carter enjoyed Australia, and hopes to go again.