Amoura Carter – Three Easy DIY Decorating Tips

Amoura Carter moved back to her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina to become a school teacher. After working her way up from a substitute teaching position to an assistant teacher, she was most recently a language arts teacher at Ashley Park K-8 in Charlotte. She recently bought a new home in the area and is working on making it her own. She loves to design her own decoration ideas and spaces within her new home, relying on many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas to create the ideal space for herself. Here are three easy DIY decorating tips:

Amoura Carter

  • Draw on the furniture. For the artists, and even those less talented with a drawing pen, you can make your own custom designs for your furniture by simply using a Sharpie marker and a metal ruler to make your simple lines and designs straight. A perfect way to cheaply add some personal flair, according to Amoura Carter.
  • Add your own architecture. Amoura Carter and other homeowners can add their own infrastructure to a room simply by purchasing trim board at a hardware store and gluing and nailing it into place. Put a matching coat of paint over it and it will look like it’s been there forever.
  • Let the cabinets be free. Sometimes, taking the door off of a cabinet and painting the inside a neutral color can turn an old cabinet into something new. You can also hang small art pieces in the cabinets themselves to add more flair.

Amoura Carter loves to spend time working on the interior decoration of her new home.