Amoura Carter – Three Books to Read Before You Die

According to Amoura Carter, there are literally hundreds of books that she feels everyone should read before they die. As a language arts teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, Carter has taught her students to love reading, especially the classics of literature across many years and cultures. As a writer herself, she understands the need for great literature in her life and the lives of others. Here are three of the many hundreds of books that Carter thinks you should read:

Amoura Carter

  • 2666—Roberto Bolano. Bolano’s crown jewel to his prestigious and important literary career, 2666 was completed just before his death in 2003. Amoura Carter recommends reading huge books like this because of their completeness of scope and vision. This novel transports readers to a world all unto its own.
  • Disgrace. South African author J.M. Coetzee’s masterpiece exudes with suspense and uneasiness, forcing the reader to come to terms with the many uncomfortable aspects of apartheid and their own lives as humans anywhere.
  • A Good Man is Hard to Find. Amoura Carter is particularly enthralled by Southern writers. Flannery O’Connor’s excellent collection of short stories is one of her favorite books about and by the South. O’Connor captures the tragic and ultimately human trajectories and journeys of unforgettable and extremely real characters in a rare way.

Amoura Carter loves to talk about books and literature with her students in order to put them in front of literary discussion as much as possible. She hopes that she can inspire them to write their own stories and become enraptured in classic literature as she has.